Slovenly is extra pumped to present this platter from Tuscan punk rock paesanos the DIRTIEST. Label founder Peter Menchetti is Italian (from New York, which has so much Italian blood it may as well be the 21st region of Italy!) and while it’s not the first album we release from the old country, the DIRTIEST are the first to do it in Italiano, and you know the saying — they do it better. 

Lyrically, the DIRTIEST bounce from brilliance to bonehead and then back, showing deep disgust for the status quo in Italy, and deep love for punk rock & all their pals in the scene. Musically, they are clearly picking up where the RAMONES left the SPITS & the PIZZAS off, but not without adding some strong Italian flavor. After hearing this for the first time, PERSONAL was torn between heading for Italy with his baseball bat, and sending the band a cease & desist — but then we reminded him that Iggy & Joey never busted any PIZZAS balls… 

If you’ve ever wondered what makes Italian punk rock different from punk rock from Italy, this LP will show you — side A is all in Italian, and side B is all in English. The B-side tracks are only being released on the backside of this platter, so statte zitt’ e mangia! — while it’s hot. 


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